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Mailing lists of Medium, High and Very High Incomes or Patrimony

Mailing lists of individuals Kaviar Partners, represent more than 1.7 million contacts. BtoC mailing list consist of consumers with high incomes and /or sizable financial or real estate heritages. They are more than 1.7 Million of contact over France. We can split them according to their level of income or patrimony from Blue to Coeur d’ISF and to EVIP categories. They consist of CEO's, head management, self-employed and high ranking civil servants, whether active or retired. They are private and public decision makers. They have high incomes and high value estates: real estate, financial values, companies, work of art… and substantial lifestyle.

Kaviar Blue, Silver, Gold and Platine

Mailing lists Kaviar Partners consits of categories Blue and Silver. They form the majority of well-off individuals and also consists of young graduated and professional-to-be.
Categories Gold and Platine gather High Incomes: the self-employed and high ranking civil servants, whether active or retired.

Exclusivement VIP by Kaviar

Especially recommended for high luxury products or services, for prestigious events, looking for very high sponsors, mailing lists Kaviar partners select for you more than 1.700 individuals among wealthy holder families or professional, top CEO’S, influent people in public administration, communication, art, sport or show business.


Mailing lists Kaviar Partners are created by our teams with the best competence and serious, in order to guarantee optimum condition of use.

To prospect and create customer loyalty

Postal mailing list is still the best way to prospect high level individuals, especially with our handwriting solution!
You also can use these mailing lists for your multi-channel campaigns, coupling postal, telephone and email.
To create customer loyalty, your clients and sponsors can also compare their data with ours. It will enable you to identify individuals with the highest potential of development.

Kaviar Cœur d'ISF

Mailing lists Kaviar Partners offer you Coeur d’ISF which are the wealthiest individuals.
To be part of it you must have more than 300.000 euros of annual income and/or patrimony higher than 3 million euros available.
Richest individuals are among Coeur d’ISF 600. They enable you to contact households earning more than 600.000 euros of annual income and/or patrimony higher than 5 million euros.

Which products for Kaviar?

Mailing lists Kaviar Partners are especially recommended for products and services such as : investment products, real estate, luxury items, gourmet food and wine, high technology, charitable donations, household equipment, automotive, leisure, art...and more generally all sectors of luxury.

Mailing lists of winner companies

Mailing lists Kaviar BTOB consist of companies against the most important by their range of size or of turnover, or the most dynamic in terms of turnover growth and/or benefits.

Numerous selection criteria

In order to refine your target, mailing lists Kaviar Partners offer you traditional criteria such as: sex, age, geography, incomes and patrimony…, but also various behaviour criteria : sponsors, investors, members of famous clubs and lifestyle criteria : art, golf, horse riding, jewelry, cars, fashion & beauty.... mailing lists Kaviar Partners can also provide you data abroad.

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